Un Week-end à Avignon

Commencer par une visite dans le jardin des Doms, un tour dans les environs du pont d’Avignon avant de déjeuner au coin caché (salade de Gambas et Tartare).

Un tour en ville pour prendre un dessert au Hygge (tarte au prune). Petit restaurant végétarien.

Retour au Palais des Papes pour la visites avant d’aller boire une punk IPA au comptoir Saint-Didier.

Dîner à l’Essentiel. Pour 36 euros par personne, un vrai petit festin :


Nuit au Mercure Palais des Papes.

Petit déjeuner au Milk Shop. Un genre de Starbucks indépendant tenu par un québécois :

Location de vélos aux stations vélopop. 50 centimes la demi-heure. Pas cher et efficace :

La journée à vélo dans les environs de Villeneuve -lès-Avignon pour visiter le chartreuse et le fort-Saint-André :

Pause chez Rita pour un morceau de pizza et une bière traditionnelle :

Avant de rentrer prendre le train, un stop à la boutique Vivotto pour prendre un bocal de Lasagne. Bon à savoir le wagon bar refuse de faire réchauffer des plats extérieurs à la boutique.

Amusez-vous bien !



Alaska Airline flight 261

If you are interested in flight accident, there is a fantastic documentary about that. It is called « Mayday » in the US, but you can also find it under the name « Air Crash Investigation« . They are already 16 seasons and 140 episodes! I haven’t watched them all but you can find plenty of them on Youtube.

Today I am gonna give you a summary of flight Alaska Airline 261. I did not hear of these airline before watching the episode. After the crash the company probably went bankrupt. in the 90s the airline was experiencing a high competition and, in order to reduce cost, they were being sloppy with maintenance. At the time the airline fleet was made of MD-80. This aircraft did have a Jackscrew in the tail of the plane in order to control the horizontal stabiliser. Unfortunately because of an improper maintenance, the screw has never been grease before the accident, and the jackscrew just stripped out of the screw. Without a proper stabiliser the plane nose dived in the ocean, killing everyone on board.

One of the mechanic even contacted the authority, and an investigation started a while back before the accident but the fine wasn’t enough for the Airline to stop cutting corner. The mechanic has been fired by telling the truth, and he did not manage to find a job in any other Airline. Not such a good thing to be a whistleblower, not even in these industry.

Enjoy the show:


Watch list of the month

Black Mirror

A new season has started with the first episode describing a world where your social ranking highlight your success in life.

King of Kong

a Documentary about a guy that decided to be the Number one player of Donkey Kong.


A crazy project by a group of eleven years old boys. They decided one summer to do the movie « raiders of the lost Arch » by themselves. It took them 7 years to do so. 20 years later they decide to invest in finalising it and shoot the one scene missing from the movie: the plane desert fight.

Halloween selection by Le fossoyeur de films

Carnival of Soul

By Herk Harvey (1962)

The entity

By Sydney Furie (1982)

Drag me to hell

By Sam Raimi, the guy behing evil Dead and Spiderman