On my way to Sri Lanka

I am back from holidays in Sri Lanka. I did not really know the country prior to deciding going there. It was kind of an in between to meet my girlfriend somewhere close to France & Singapore. Ok, it is indeed much closer from Singapore but still, there are not so many countries in which you can go Asia, during European summer time. Most of them are experiencing heavy rain and monsoon.

If you also try to go exactly in countries between France and Singapore, you will probably end-up somewhere around Kazakstan.  I am sure, this is a wonderful country to visit, but unfortunately it is hard to reach from both Paris and Singapore.

So we decided to go Sri Lanka, and well, that was a great choice. Probably the best 2 holiday weeks I got, ever. Not only the country is small enough to travel from west/east/south quite easily, but the variety of landscapes you can find is quite impressive. You can, altogether, enjoy sunny beaches, travel around archeological sites, spend some time in the mountains, and finally enjoy a day in the main city: Colombo.