Try Wikiwand and never come back to Wikipedia again

Wikipedia is the most viewed website in the world (or at least it should be), but it isn’t a nice visual experience to have.

In order to change that, try the extension WikiWand for Chrome, it will make your eyes stop bleeding (specially with the black background).

  • You will finally have a left navigation to go through long article.
  • You can change the font to be something a bit more readable (a San Serif one).
  • You can switch to black background, which is so much more comfortable for my tired eyes.
  • Finally you can make paragraphs length as long as it should be on a screen: short!



Singapour et les grosses voitures

Comme je fais beaucoup de vélos à Singapour, j’ai l’occasion de constater à quel point le parc automobile est distinct de la France. Ici roule essentiellement des Mercedes; Porsche,  BMW et, à de rares occasions, des citadines plus classiques. Cela me fait penser que plus on est riche, plus la planète finalement, on s’en tamponne pas mal…

Heureusement qu’il y a toujours pleins de pauvres pour compenser.