Ultimate checklist for the traveler geek



If your job let you travel for work, you often have to prepare your suitcase to be ready to go. On the other hand you want to enjoy your geek gears on the go. Nothing more annoying than to forget an adapter and not be able to use your device.

Must Have in your bag

That’s pretty obvious, but if there is one thing not to forget, it’s definitely your passport. So before doing anything else just find it and store it in your bag as a first step.

Business Cards
This one is tricky, not as embarrassing as not having your Passport, but really it will avoid you some awkward situation while you meet clients (specially if you go Japan).

Your laptop / Tablet
No chance your forget this one right? But why not loading it with movies or TV Shows. Most of airlines have a great movie selection, but just in case your flying on an old aircraft, you will maybe end up watching movies on a game boy first generation like screen. Try to load your movies in advance, because waiting the last minute to download the last bit of it can cause you some anxiety, when the taxi is waiting for you.

There is always some boring situation when you have to think about which charger to take and which cable to carry. If you are on Apple environment or Android, this is easier, but if you mix the both of it, be sure to take the correct cable

International plug
Same thing do not forget it, it will avoid you having to explain why your laptop is out of juice because you left it at home. Also buying 3 times the same gear, is always painful.

A power bank
Smartphone still have a quite small lifespan , so better be safe and be able to access Google Map when you are lost in a new town.

Make your life easier on the plane

Ear plugs
The most important of all. Even the latest planes are really really noisy environment. You have no way to avoid it. To make sure you will have a decent sleep in the aircraft, always bring your ear plugs.

If you forget your ear plugs, hopefully you brought some headset. Not the ineffective one delivered in your airplane seat pocket, but some big covering one, that will prevent the outside noise to get in. If you are willing to spend  money, you can even go for some active noise cancelling headset.

A  sleeping neck cushion
Sleeping in  a economy class seat is not the best experience you  will have, having a neck pillow can help. Problem is, you look really stupid in the queue to board the aircraft, and it takes some much space, you don’t really know what to do with it.

Tips if you don’t want it, just used the one delivered by the staff in the plane, slightly bend the sides of the top part of your backseat, and try to stick the pillow in between… it works pretty well.

Comfortable outfit
Flying can be a dis pleasant experience for your body so try to wear comfy clothing. Avoid business shirt, and go for a casual t-shirt. Bring a sweatshirt as it can be freezing up there. Avoid city shoes, and go for a not to tight  pair of sneakers as your feet will inflate slightly.

Don’t forget your meetings

  • One shirt per day (ironed, you don’t know if your hotel room will have one),
  • A black pant (if you don’t have a suit),
  • A belt (easy to forget),
  • City shoes (shine them before your trip),
  • A jacket (to go with your pant),
  • Your toothbrush.

Be ready on arrival

  • Try to exchange currency before you flight to your destination,
  • If you went in the country before, bring your metro card that you bought last time,
  • Buy some gift for your colleagues (and don’t forget it in the aircraft as I did last time).

Other nice things to bring

  • Bring a Nintendo 3DS or other portable video game (delay in your flight isn’t uncommon),
  • A comic book (a paper one), cause batteries does not last much,
  • A notebook with pencils (same thing, it makes sure your notes will not disappear),
  • If you are a photographer, a camera with a spare memory card.


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