Ultimate checklist for the traveler geek

If your job let you travel for work, you often have to prepare your suitcase to be ready to go. On the other hand you want to enjoy your geek gears on the go. Nothing more annoying than to forget an adapter and not be able to use your device.

Must Have in your bag

That’s pretty obvious, but if there is one thing not to forget, it’s definitely your passport. So before doing anything else just find it and store it in your bag as a first step.

Business Cards
This one is tricky, not as embarrassing as not having your Passport, but really it will avoid you some awkward situation while you meet clients (specially if you go Japan).

Your laptop / Tablet
No chance your forget this one right? But why not loading it with movies or TV Shows. Most of airlines have a great movie selection, but just in case your flying on an old aircraft, you will maybe end up watching movies on a game boy first generation like screen. Try to load your movies in advance, because waiting the last minute to download the last bit of it can cause you some anxiety, when the taxi is waiting for you.

There is always some boring situation when you have to think about which charger to take and which cable to carry. If you are on Apple environment or Android, this is easier, but if you mix the both of it, be sure to take the correct cable

International plug
Same thing do not forget it, it will avoid you having to explain why your laptop is out of juice because you left it at home. Also buying 3 times the same gear, is always painful.

A power bank
Smartphone still have a quite small lifespan , so better be safe and be able to access Google Map when you are lost in a new town.