Free Tools for video montage

If you don’t want to pay for Adobe Premier or if you don’t like the interface of DaVinci Resolve, you should try the tools below.


This is the open source software for montage. Definitly a great choice to do your montage. The interface isn’t as polish as some other expensive tools, but Shotcut is crossplatform and open source!


An other free solution (but not open source). They also have a paid version. Same thing if you are looking for a not so complicated software for your videos, this is a great solution. Be careful to download VDSC for the official website above. If you do a web search you may end up on some crap/scam websites like softonic… They should definitly disappear from search results in my opinion.

Hitfilm Express

This one is closer to Premiere than the previous options. The express version is free of charge but you have to register by email to get the download link. They are really active online and they have a youtube chanel with plenty of tutorials.


headliner app

This one is an online video editor. It is currently free of charge up to 10 videos per month. This is a pretty handy tool for social media videos (they have already made templates) this only hassle is to upload your footage online which can be time consuming!


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