Watch list of the month

Black Mirror

A new season has started with the first episode describing a world where your social ranking highlight your success in life.

King of Kong

a Documentary about a guy that decided to be the Number one player of Donkey Kong.


A crazy project by a group of eleven years old boys. They decided one summer to do the movie « raiders of the lost Arch » by themselves. It took them 7 years to do so. 20 years later they decide to invest in finalising it and shoot the one scene missing from the movie: the plane desert fight.

Halloween selection by Le fossoyeur de films

Carnival of Soul

By Herk Harvey (1962)

The entity

By Sydney Furie (1982)

Drag me to hell

By Sam Raimi, the guy behing evil Dead and Spiderman


Ultimate checklist for the traveler geek

If your job let you travel for work, you often have to prepare your suitcase to be ready to go. On the other hand you want to enjoy your geek gears on the go. Nothing more annoying than to forget an adapter and not be able to use your device.

Must Have in your bag

That’s pretty obvious, but if there is one thing not to forget, it’s definitely your passport. So before doing anything else just find it and store it in your bag as a first step.

Business Cards
This one is tricky, not as embarrassing as not having your Passport, but really it will avoid you some awkward situation while you meet clients (specially if you go Japan).

Your laptop / Tablet
No chance your forget this one right? But why not loading it with movies or TV Shows. Most of airlines have a great movie selection, but just in case your flying on an old aircraft, you will maybe end up watching movies on a game boy first generation like screen. Try to load your movies in advance, because waiting the last minute to download the last bit of it can cause you some anxiety, when the taxi is waiting for you.

There is always some boring situation when you have to think about which charger to take and which cable to carry. If you are on Apple environment or Android, this is easier, but if you mix the both of it, be sure to take the correct cable

International plug
Same thing do not forget it, it will avoid you having to explain why your laptop is out of juice because you left it at home. Also buying 3 times the same gear, is always painful.

A power bank
Smartphone still have a quite small lifespan , so better be safe and be able to access Google Map when you are lost in a new town.



Grim Fandango Remastered, where to find save files on Mac?

Lucky you, playing Grim Fandango remastered is a great experience. Unfortunately if you bought the game on GOG and you like to play both on your Mac as well as on your Windows computer, you will not be able to synchronize your save files in the cloud. The client Gog Galaxy isn’t able to do that… yet.

So if  you tried to find the solution online, well there are little information about it. Or should I say they are information about it, stating that you should be able to find the save files in this folder:

Application Support/

Unfortunately if you try to look for it in the Mac Finder, you will probably not be able to find the « Doublefine » folder, no matter how hard internet users are telling you so.

Actually, the folder does exists, but for strange reason, Finder hide it, until you access it for the first time… That’s handy!

So the only way to access it, is to click the Go menu (in Finder),  then Go to folder. Then copy/paste the line above (~library etc.) and hit enter. This will bring you directly to the hidden folder.

The remaining step is to mail you or Dropbox youm both the registry.sav file and the savedata0000 folder.

Finally going back to your Windows computer, head straight  to:


and paste the files and voila, you can now play on your Windows computer straight from where you stop on your Mac!


Try Wikiwand and never come back to Wikipedia again

Wikipedia is the most viewed website in the world (or at least it should be), but it isn’t a nice visual experience to have.

In order to change that, try the extension WikiWand for Chrome, it will make your eyes stop bleeding (specially with the black background).

  • You will finally have a left navigation to go through long article.
  • You can change the font to be something a bit more readable (a San Serif one).
  • You can switch to black background, which is so much more comfortable for my tired eyes.
  • Finally you can make paragraphs length as long as it should be on a screen: short!



On my way to Sri Lanka

I am back from holidays in Sri Lanka. I did not really know the country prior to deciding going there. It was kind of an in between to meet my girlfriend somewhere close to France & Singapore. Ok, it is indeed much closer from Singapore but still, there are not so many countries in which you can go Asia, during European summer time. Most of them are experiencing heavy rain and monsoon.

If you also try to go exactly in countries between France and Singapore, you will probably end-up somewhere around Kazakstan.  I am sure, this is a wonderful country to visit, but unfortunately it is hard to reach from both Paris and Singapore.

So we decided to go Sri Lanka, and well, that was a great choice. Probably the best 2 holiday weeks I got, ever. Not only the country is small enough to travel from west/east/south quite easily, but the variety of landscapes you can find is quite impressive. You can, altogether, enjoy sunny beaches, travel around archeological sites, spend some time in the mountains, and finally enjoy a day in the main city: Colombo.